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COVID-19 Impact on Aviation:

More details on the reported cases, recoveries, and death toll is available through Johns Hopkins University click here

*Weekly changes are compared to pre-crisis levels 2019 (based on reported schedules)

AACO Members Capacity Changes:

*Weekly changes are compared to pre-crisis levels 2019 (based on reported schedules)

Economic Updates:

 More details on the outlook scenario is available here





*measured using Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI), which tracks business confidence amongst managers at manufacturing and services firms. Above 50 represents an expansion, below 50 represents a contraction when compared to previous month.



Crude Oil Price:









Latest Reports:

ICAO Council endorsed new update to its Aviation Recovery Task Force's (CART's) ' Take-off ' Guidelines for international air transport ("Take-off" document). Click to download (English -Arabic)

ICAO_Testing and Cross-border Risk Management Measures Manual (Second Edition)

ICAO's Latest Report on the Economic Impact of COVID-19 on Civil Aviation - 21 July 2021

WHO Update on COVID-19 - 27 July 2021

IATA's Latest Air Cargo Market Analysis - May 2021

IATA's Latest Air Passenger Market Analysis - May 2021 


Latest Updates:

ACI World updates airport operations business recovery guidance

Traveling to Germany? Unvaccinated travelers will have to show a negative COVID-19 test to enter

Fed holds rates near zero, says economy has gotten better even with pandemic worries

Saudi Arabia tops emerging markets league table

Singapore to ease Covid curbs, aims to allow quarantine-free travel from Sept

U.S. to Stick With International Travel Restrictions

EASA updates Safety Information Bulletin in relation to aircraft stored due to the COVID-19 pandemic

US weekly jobless claims unexpectedly increased last week to 419,000

European Central Bank vows a ‘persistently accommodative’ stance in new guidance

British Airways launches digital Covid-19 travel tool

U.S. Inflight Disturbances Jump 500%, 85 TSA Officers Assaulted

ICAO Council agrees with Qatar’s proposal to establish Doha Flight Information Region

Fuel and food prices push June Saudi inflation to highest this year

Saudi, UAE reach compromise to unlock more oil supply 


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