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AACO/IATA Technical Forum

From 6 to 07 September 2022
AACO/IATA Technical Forum will be convened in virtual form on 6-7 September 2022 under the theme “Technological Advancements Driving Safe, Secure, and Efficient Operations”.

The Forum will witness insights and discussions in the areas of predictive safety and maintenance, aviation security, facilitation, developments with regards to Sustainable Aviation Fuels, and technological advancements to meet the industry’s environmental targets. In addition to how to address capacity building in these areas.

Forum Agenda (Time is in UTC)

Day 1: Tuesday, 6 September 2022

07:00 7:15

Opening Session

Opening remarks by the organizers of the Forum

07:15 09:15

Technological Advancements to Meet the Industrys Environmental Targets

The environment is one of aviation's top priorities. Aircraft and Engine Manufacturers, alongside Airlines and other Stakeholders, are working relentlessly to limit their impact on climate change. This session will introduce the latest technological developments in that area and will shed the light on airlines experience with shifting to greener flights.

Developments related to sustainable Aviation Fuels will also be addressed in this session covering

readiness and advancements to contribute to aviation’s road towards mitigation of emissions.

09:15 09:25


09:25 10:55

Safety, Predictive Safety and Maintenance

This session will dig deep into maintaining and developing an aviation safety culture, threats to aviation safety and efforts to mitigate them, and opportunities for airlines to predict safety and maintenance issues before they materialize.


Day 2: Wednesday 7 September 2022


Aviation Security

Best practices on what constitutes a robust security management system, updates on Conflict Zones, Emerging Security Threats, and the importance of having an intact cybersecurity system and culture.



How facilitation is advancing following COVID-19, and what is needed in terms of technologies that the industry can utilize to enhance facilitation and maintain aviation security.




Capacity Building

Before the COIVID-19 pandemic, all stakeholders around the world have been ringing the alarm bells for several years on the demand for licensed personnel exceeding the available training capacity. This demand has increased exponentially following shortages in staff and personnel after travel demand increased following the pandemic. This session will look at the current situation globally and, in the region, and the plans and strategies stakeholders are implementing to overcome this issue.

9:40 – 10:00

Closing Remarks


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Target Audience
The forum is by invitation only. It gathers Airlines, Civil Aviation Authorities, relevant Industry Partners, and Organizations.
Experts working in the following fields are encouraged to attend: Safety, Security, Facilitation, Flight Operations, Engineering and Maintenance, Capacity Building, and Environmental Sustainability.

Confirmation of Attendance
Please send your confirmation or inquiries to AACO on [email protected] .

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