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AACO & IATA Business Technology Forum

From 27 to 27 September 2021

AACO & IATA Business Technology Forum will be held virtually on the 27th of September 2021, under the theme of:


“A Needed Paradigm Shift… Making Travel Easier, Hassle-Free & Simple".


About the Forum
The Business Technology Forum will discuss the various ways to help airlines manage global crises and simplify the air travel process by reaching the optimum level in air travel and making the customer journey hassle-free. In addition to that, the Business Technology Forum will address the newest trends in technology impacting the airline industry and will tackle issues related to the current situation, while highlighting the use of recent improvements and new innovations and the importance of utilizing these technologies in order to speed the recovery process.

Target Audience
The forum will bring together a large number of industry experts from various divisions and airline representatives from the following areas are encouraged to attend: Information Technology, Commercial, Revenue Management, Distribution and Passenger Services. Industry Partners, specifically partners specialized in IT as well as civil aviation authorities are also invited to attend.

Main Topics to be discussed during the Business Technology Forum: 

•  Helping Airlines Manage Global Crises
•  Simplifying Air Travel Processes and Making the Customer Journey Hassle-Free 
•  Innovations in Digital Health & Various Travel Related Apps

For any further inquiries please contact AACO at [email protected]


To access the forum agenda, please click here.

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