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International Cooperation

AACO translates its vision and mission through four different pillars which are: joint work, external representation, awareness and networking.

The Arab Air Carriers' Organization provides a joint framework for cooperation amongst its members in many areas as: Environment, Aero-political Affairs, Fuel, Cooperation at Outstations, Emergency Response Planning (ERP), Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO), Aviation Security (AVSEC), AACO/Amadeus Distribution Agreement, Future Distribution Strategies, and Training through AACO’s regional training center.

AACO cooperates with regional and international organizations, governmental and non-governmental bodies, airlines, manufacturers and service providers, on a wide spectrum of issues that includes industry, regulatory, legal, and operational issues.

AACO strives in the light of its Objectives to provide forums for members and partners to enhance the knowledge base and improve cooperation amongst them.

Industry Partners

AACO has a solid base of industry partners under the Industry Partnership Program since 1996, and today brings together more than 44 partners of aircraft and engine manufacturers, IT companies and global distribution systems, fuel companies, engines and aircraft leasing companies, consulting firms, ground-handling companies, financial firms and others. The program creates a mutually beneficial environment where partners benefit from AACO events and activities to strengthen their relations with member airlines, while AACO benefits from partner support in the various training programs and numerous other benefits to member airlines.

Your contact for AACO Industry Partnership Program is Ms. Manal Diab


Partner Airlines

Established in 2010. It enables non-Arab airlines to join AACO as partners and benefit from the platform of cooperation between its members through AACO cooperative work to achieve tangible economic benefits through reduction in cost and maximization in revenue.

Your contact for AACO Partner Airline Program is Ms. Manal Diab

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