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The Arab Air Carriers' Organization "AACO", established in 1965 within the framework of the Arab League of States, is the Regional Association of the Arab Airlines who have their home base in country members of the Arab League.

AACO, having its headquarter in Beirut - Lebanon, is a non-profit organization that serves the Arab airlines, represent and defend their common interests regionally and globally, through creating joint frameworks that aim at developing economic and safe operations for its members.

Act of Incorporation
Articles of Association
The Articles of Association are amended from time-to-time by a recommendation from AACO Executive Committee to the Annual General Assembly. The most recent amendments were adopted by the 47th Annual General Assembly held in Dubai on November 2014.

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In addition, AACO has developed a ‘Competition Laws Compliance Policy’ in association with an international aviation law firm in order to have guidance for AACO, and its member airlines while working within AACO bodies, for compliance with competition laws. In July 2012, AACO published its Competition Laws Compliance Policy which can be downloaded here.
General Assembly
AACO General Assembly is the highest authority at AACO. The Assembly gathers the CEOs of AACO member airlines once every year and sets the strategies and work plan for AACO.
Executive Committee
AACO Executive Committee consists of the Chief Executive Officers of nine elected active AACO member airlines, for a three-year renewable term. Moreover, the Chairman of the AGM for the term of that Annual General Meeting, and the Chairman of the next AGM shall join the committee as non-elected members.

AACO Executive Committee directs and supervises AACO's work as well as the performance of AACO's Secretariat General and its institutions.

Secretariat General
The execution and follow up of AACO's work is done by the Secretariat General, which comprises around 30 full time staff headed by the Secretary General of AACO.


AACO Steering Boards and Task Forces
AACO Steering Boards comprise representatives from all airlines involved in new or current projects that require continuous follow up.

A Task Force that is mandated with a Strategic task in a specific area of business with clear targets to be achieved annually which requires ongoing work and follow up.
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