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Date of becoming Industry Partner in AACO: 2004

At Cirium, we understand the complexities of airlines and recognize the challenges an organization faces. We have combined the industry’s leading brands across planning, operations and fleet management to offer solutions that speak to all levels and roles within any aviation business. We work with customers to identify the area of strategy that will drive the most success.

Improve traveler experience
Our proactive solutions improve alerts and notifications about a traveler's flight.

  • Predict Amenities
  • Communicating airline truth
  • Make your service stand out


Develop commercial strategy
Access the most comprehensive aviation market intelligence data and smart analytics, and help your business:

  • Anticipate macro-economic trends
  • Optimize schedule and route performance
  • Fair market share benchmarking
  • Qualify current routes
  • Investigate new routes
  • Understand traffic
  • Develop your value to the market


Elevate air operations
Keep the pressures off by streamlining decisions for how you operate.

  • Operational performance analytics
  • Alliance/Partner/Competitor benchmarking
  • Enhanced situational awareness
  • Route analysis
  • Utilization across by fleet and aircraft
  • Control rising disruption costs


Manage financial investments
We provide the most accurate assessments of the aviation industry to inform investment and risk decisions:

  •  Anticipate aviation market changes
  • Value existing and potential assets
  • Understand the future values based on forecasted market conditions
  • Work with airlines at every stage of their aircraft life cycle
  • Deliver strategy to stay ahead

Regional Main Contact

Name: Mr. Paul Trewin
Position: Sales Director, EMEA
Telephone: +44 7929 021 276
Website: www.cirium.com
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