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08 June 2017

Qatar Airways selects Inmarsat inflight broadband for A350s and 777s



Date of becoming Industry Partner in AACO: 2013

Inmarsat is the leading mobile satellite communications company to the aviation industry, having provided connectivity and safety services to aircraft for more than 25 years. Today, our services are being used on more than 13,000 commercial aircraft and more than 200 airlines, supporting applications ranging from passenger WiFi, messaging and streaming content to critical safety and operational information for the flight crew.

Our aviation business has been built on our platform of reliable, stable and global satellite networks: we are the trusted provider of crucial safety services to over 95% of trans-oceanic aircraft. These services, including flight tracking, are fundamental to safe and efficient operation of flights throughout the world. Our current Safety Services are complemented by our newest offering SB-S, launched in 2017 and flying right now, which offers additional capacity via a dedicated IP-based broadband channel to the cockpit and delivers a host of new applications with enhanced security features to improve efficiency and enhance safety.  In addition to Safety services, Inmarsat is delivering the future of passenger connectivity with GX Aviation – the first true broadband service for aviation. GX Aviation already delivers unrivalled speed and capacity, and enables airlines to provide a whole new generation of services to their passengers – with a funded roadmap, including the next generation of software defined satellites and high elliptical orbit (HEO) satellites to provide high elevation and arctic coverage which ensures the network keeps pace with growing demand.

In addition to GX Aviation, Inmarsat’s European Aviation Network (EAN) is live across European skies. EAN delivers unrivalled capacity to meet the growing demand for high quality broadband across the dense traffic routes of Europe. More than ever, airlines and passengers require reliability and consistency: Inmarsat’s specialties. Combined, GX and EAN represent over $2bn in investment in aviation in the coming years – demonstrating Inmarsat’s continued commitment to innovating in the aviation industry.

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