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BioAssured Global

Date of becoming Industry Partner in AACO: 2021

BioAssured Global is a Biorisk Advisory Service that works with organisations to develop protocols, select products and implement services that create safe workspaces.  The focus is around creating a clean environment, objectively assessed, and with assurance that it is maintained.  The products recommended will include the latest emerging technology in bioscience.  Additionally, BioAssured will enable clients to access reports on their workspaces and compare to industry benchmarks.  This holistic 360-degree approach will enable continual improvement and optimisation to ensure solutions are cost effective in addition to being effective in mitigating risk.

Our experts will work with clients to assess their organisation, current practices, identify gaps or opportunities to improve and work alongside to achieve the BioAssured Certification.    The team has extensive aviation experience in health and safety risk management as well as operational experience that ensures we can effectively partner with and anticipate industry relative challenges as part of the service.

While the focus is on the airline community it extends to the airline industry including the airports, service providers and all associated work sites to help provide employees, passengers, and guests with confidence that the industry as a whole is committed to a Bio safe environment.

Regional Main Contact

Name: Mrs. Wehda El Aridi
Position: Vice President, Business Development
Telephone: +65 967 41761
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