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26 November 2019

Gulf Air signs five year retailing deal with ATPCO to integrate Routehappy Rich Content



Date of becoming Industry Partner in AACO: 2014

Uniquely positioned at the center of airline distribution, ATPCO elevates advanced technology and industry relationships to fuel the future of air travel.


Owned by airlines, ATPCO manages more than 210 million fares for 460 airlines and is trusted as a neutral partner for airlines, agencies, search engines, global distribution systems, and governments worldwide.


In 2018 ATPCO acquired RouteHappy, which was integrated into the company to help power the future of flight shopping, helping airlines and distributors differentiate their products. Every day, the industry relies on ATPCO’s portfolio of technology and data solutions to help millions of travelers get where they need to go.


To learn more, please visit website at www.atpco.net

Regional Main Contact

Name: Mr. Chris Phillips
Position: Regional Director
Telephone: +44-20-8572-1322
Fax: +44-20-8570-5889
Website: www.atpco.net
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